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The Best Home and Interior Design Shows

What Makes a House a Home?

This question is asked by first time home buyers as they go through the rigorous process of purchasing their first house. However, this question is also a common thought on many people’s minds of those who already own a house and have lived there for a long time. Different people will come up with their unique answers to this question but all of these beliefs come down to what these people want their house to look like. Whether they want their house to reflect the warmth of a rustic farmhouse or compete against the trendiest, modern apartments of a big city, everyone wants their home to reflect their aesthetic preferences. This can often be done through a home renovation, particularly in the area of interior design which makes home renovation and interior design television shows a huge hit. Not only do these shows send their viewers into a stage of awe at looking at these gorgeous homes, but they also provide useful tricks and interesting ideas on how viewers can turn their house into a dream home. Here are some of the best home and interior design shows to watch.

Love It or List It

This popular television series stars Hillary Far, a talented interior designer, and David Visentin, a skillful real estate dealer. In this series, Hillary and David battle each other when a client has a tough time deciding on whether to stay in their current home or move into a new one. As David tries to persuade the client to move out by showing them other houses that might suit them better, Hillary pulls out all the tricks to renovate the client’s current home so that they fall in love with it all over again. Hillary’s designs are captivating as she has won numerous episodes where clients reject moving out to stay in their first home after it has been reinvented by Hillary. Viewers of Love it or List it love that each episode of the series features Hillary having to redesign houses in different styles on a variety of budgets.

Property Brothers

The twin brothers known as Drew Scott and Johnathan Scott have been in the business of renovating homes for a long time. Drew and Scott have had multiple series based on the concept of renovating homes. Such series include the original Property Brothers, their head to head challenge series called Brother vs Brother, a series on finding new life in already existing homes called Forever Home, and even a documentary on how they renovated their own home called Brothers at Home. With so many fantastic projects accomplished, the Scott brothers show viewers at home that their dream house can become a reality.

Tiny House Nation

A huge trend in today’s housing market is downsizing. Downsizing is when people have to purchase a smaller living situation than they currently are used to living in. This can often be the case for first time home buyers as they have to move out of their family home or for people who have to move into a more urban and densely populated area. Due to this, the television series Tiny House Nation is quite popular. Tiny House Nation is a home renovation series that stars John Weiserbarth and Zack Griffin. Throughout the series, this home renovating duo are contacted by clients who choose to live in extremely small circumstances. Although many people are not in the circumstance of having to live in places as small as those featured on the series, the ideas that John and Zach bring to the table on how to get the most out of a small space is revolutionary and very helpful as the trend of living in smaller houses are on the rise.

Who Are The Best Interior Designers To Follow Right Now

Is your house or restaurant in need of a makeover? When it comes to interior design, you want to have more than enough options. You want to believe the person you trust has the talent to work in multiple areas. Whether you want to hire an individual or a group, the key thing to take into account is that of the research and an understanding of where their talent functions best.

The Top Five Best Designers

Clearly, there are far more than simply five incredible designers out there that can help provide your house or business with the best makeover ever. However, by narrowing the list down, you essentially make things simpler, while giving yourself more free range when looking at Interior designers of the highest caliber such as:

•The Rockwell Group
•Marmol Radziner
•Philippe Starck
•Victoria Hagan Interiors
•Kelly Hoppen

Starting with the Rockwell Group, which was founded by the interior designer David Rockwell. The Rockwell Group is situated in New York, and its two-hundred and fifty employees special-ize in designs that take inspiration from the areas of technology, theatre, and high end craft. This is an incredible company that specializes in interior design. This should come as no surprise when this thrity year old firm has pretty much earned itself a lot of praise, including that of a 2016 To-ny award in the category of best scenic design.

Marmol Radziner is a gift to the craft of interior design in that this company specializes in:

Community projects
Hospitality projects
Commercial projects
Cultural based projects
Residential work

Marmol Radziner also offers its clients services ranging from designs in architecture, landscape work, interior, and even furniture design. They are all about providing quality service interior de-sign, and you’ll most certainly find that when you look them up.

Philippe Starck’s specialty in focuses on an industrial manner of design. If you are in need of de-signing a hotel, a restaurant, or even a Yacht, then Phillipe is the guy to look up.

On to Victoria Hagan, whose company, Victory Hagan Interiors, specializes more in the residen-tial areas of design. By fully utilizing her American and Vintage based style of interior design, your home will be sure to get a fantastic makeover. There’s a reason Hagan has earned herself the title of Lady Decorator.

Last on the list is no other than the incredible Kelly Hoppen, who is not only an interior designer but also an author and former actor. If you do enough research on the South African interior de-signer, then you’ll know that she’s been in this business for a long time, which began when she was only a teenager designing family kitchens. If your residence is in need of a makeover, then you’ll find no error in looking up Kelly Hoppen, who also focuses her design talent on developing hospitality projects as well as private yachts very much like Philippe Starck.

Interior design is a tricky thing to get around. Style is everything when you need to craft the look for something as unique as a house, a restaurant, a hospital, a hotel, a boat, or any type of busi-ness that requires an artistic touch. Aside from the top five interior designers just provided, there are many more to choose from when you simply google who the best interior designers are. Look for the best and appreciate the value within those who aren’t defined by how many trophies or magazine covers they make.

Different types of modern architecture in the world

Modern architecture has evolved a lot in the 21st century. It left behind 20th century’s boring standards to come with bolder design approaches and futuristic features applied in the fanciest ways to the new-style buildings. Modern trends are oriented towards bringing in more functionality and a minimalist comfort, embed advanced technology and, of course, surprise with an eye-catchy exterior that sparks interest with its unique shapes and eccentric color patterns. Here are some modern buildings designs around the world that give birth to new and innovative visions of architecture.

1. Tiny houses. Given the increasing rate of development and booming urbanization, the value of space in a growing city is very high. To make use as much as possible of territory, more and more small houses are built in the heart of major cities. Japanese architects design extremely narrow, living buildings that are very spacious given the fact that are fairly taller than other ordinary houses, having 3 compact floors. Such residence buildings that luck in width are increasingly met in such megapolis areas as: Seoul, Toronto, London and Hong Kong.

2. Houses with glass facade. Wide windows are hard to avoid when speaking of modern architecture. Buildings with sheer glass in their facade are meant to let in more light and open up to wonderful city views or to evergreen backyard. Such living boxes where an entire wall is replaced with a huge piece of glass features a harmony with the outdoor environment, but also keeps privacy in the limits of common sense. There are large blinds and stylish curtains that hide the living space in case of necessity. Perfect merging of concrete walls with glass creates great contrast in edging lines and an outstanding shape design. Such telling facades are met in Portugal, Spain and New Zealand.

3. In love with nature. The feature of complete glass facade is successfully applied in resort houses built far away from noisy cities, to provide a constant connection with natural landscapes. Norway leads at this point, with its mind-blowing nature, giving couples the chance to enjoy fully the outdoor beauties while spending their romantic vacation, apart from the entire world. Besides the walls, there is an increasing trend in making the ceiling of glass, too. Thus, the emotion spectrum is multiplied, having the starry sky in front of your eyes. Also, there are houses built in Norway’s wilderness, on large rocks, to allow for moss to grow abundantly on the house.

4. Futuristic designs.Futuristic buildings are widely met all over the developed world. They combine high-tech features with fancy exterior, that steal the show in a city run by classical, stuck in the past architecture. A place to witness vividly this contrast is Paris. The city enriches steadily with shining skyscrapers and futuristic buildings, which reported to the solemn, medieval constructions, creates a architecture marvel. The Foundation Louis Viutton is a modern museum that boasts billowing glass panels , covering its top in a very bizarre, yet eye-catching way. At buildings foundation, there is a mind-boggling light and mirror installation that offers impressive illumination during night. The city philharmonic is also a futuristic landmark of Paris. The exterior is covered with thousands of lustrous aluminium tiles, while the concert hall is fitted with modern, undulated balconies.

What Are Home Renovation Values in 2018

A home is one of the most expensive investments one can make, doesn’t matter whether you bought one a long time ago or recently. The estate market grows everyday with new designs coming up and if you bought one years back, you may need to renovate it and give it a decent look. This will also add its value incase you are planning on a resale. Here are the top renovations and their estimated values to give your home a new look.

Fresh paintwork

The most common and the most effective is giving your house a new quality paint job. You can paint it yourself which will be cost effective or you can hire a professional to do it for you. Doing it by yourself would cost you $200 to $300 per room and an estimate of $2 per square foot. Hiring a professional to do the paint job will cost you $400 to $500 and an estimate of $3 per square foot.

New finishing on the floor The floor is a major part of the interior and you could consider a new floor. A standard hardwood floor refinishing will cost you $2 to $4 per square foot. A whole new hardwood floor will cost you $8 and above. A new floor greatly adds your home value. Costs vary depending on the materials used, type of labour hired and hours spent working on it.

Replacing the main door

The entry definitely needs to match with the new refurnished interior. You might consider getting the modern steel doors, which not only give a great look but also excellent for security purposes. A new steel door would cost averagely $200 to $500. the whole cost of re-installing a steel door ranges between $500 to $1200. re-installing is cheaper compared to installing an all new door. The cost will also vary depending on the door frames, thickness and design of the door and labour.

Re-furnished kitchen space

The kitchen is the heart of your home. Add value to your home with a touch of modern kitchen. This includes replacing the kitchen cabinets, fresh plumb work, floor and adding a few new design cupboards. The cost of remodeling your kitchen varies depending on the size of your kitchen and if you want a high end luxury kitchen or just an average new kitchen. It also depends on if you are doing it yourself or hiring professionals.

According to, hiring an architect, they charge $60 to $125. Hiring a contractor will cost you $200 to $500 per day, since they have additional costs such as their crew. On average, money spent on remodel-ling a kitchen ranges between $10,000 to $50,000.


Add a touch to the compound with modern landscaping. Maybe a lawn, a new flowerbed, carpet grass etc. Cots depends on the purchase of plants, fertilizers and planting material. The cost of landscaping ranges between $300 to $1500 depending on those factors mentioned.

Replacing old windows and the garage door. The cost of replacing old windows varies between $2,000 to 8,000. give your home a feeling fresh air with modern windows. Complete the exterior look by replacing garage door that will cost you between $4,000.

With a renovated home, you can live in a modern home or if you are planning to resell it, the value will be higher.

Pros And Cons Of Being A Nomadic (Multi-Country) Freelancer

Deciding to become a freelancer is tough enough in its self. It takes guts to do away with regular paid employment and venture into a world of the unknown. Not being able to predict the future, especially in terms of clientele base projections. And even tougher still is the growing number of normadic freelancers. These are people who constantly have to move base from country to country, always looking for the next big freelance opportunities. Especially in this age of laptops and tablets, when you can work from the comfort of your preferred location.

Reasons To Be A Nomadic (Multi-Country) Freelancer

For the nomadic freelancer, the allure of being able to seek out new and exciting projects to be part of is quite fascinating. To others, there’s so much of the world out there to be discovered and explored, rather than spend most of ones’ life in one corner of the world! Another undeniable advantage is the ability to build very impressive resumes. Not everyone is able to decide early on about what to do with their lives, for such individuals, it sure makes sense to work with world bodies and organizations like the World Bank, or the United Nations, earning fat checks while working out their bearings. These bodies periodically have temporary job openings for interested applicants. And you’d have to agree that racking up a few such experiences on your CV, from a few countries isn’t a bad idea. Then you could come back to finally settle down, with impressive remuneration as a consultant, or as an executive at an organization as an expert who’s seen the world and back!

What’s More…

Another instructive point is that there are several tasks that are usually one-offs. These include events that only occurs in a particular country once in a few years. For such events, these nomadic freelancers are usually highly sought after due to their experiences with similar cases previously in other countries. Examples include: research experts (for weather, volcanic eruptions, solar or lunar eclipse, earthquakes, etc), disaster management, investigative journalism, medical and rescue operations, special consultancy services, etc.

Cons Of Freelancing In Multiple Countries

It’s not far-fetched that freelancing without a permanent base or residence can be quite disruptive to the freelancer. Obtaining Visas to countries where it’s usually worth it can sometimes take as long as 3 to 4 months. And when the visa gets approved, it’s usually for no more than 3 months! Six months if you’re lucky. And if the visa expires before completion of the assignment, unless you’re employed by an influential organization, you could be distressed.

…And That’s Not All

There’s also the issue of associated high cost of constant movements – sometimes when you think you have a good reason to settle down or stay longer. And unless you’re without a partner, or you have a partner that shares your particular interests, it’s usually very hard to cope with a nomadic individual. This could be recipe for loneliness. Though the pay is usually quite good, international businesses usually don’t stick to partners for long, and you’re constantly in a cycle of creating, breaking, and creating new bonds.

…Even More Worries For The Nomadic Freelancer

There’s also a never ending cycle of learning, as you’re constantly learning new languages, culture, etc. all within relatively short periods. You can be sure to often miss how traditional holidays are celebrated in your homeland. Except you’re highly qualified, you’re more likely to be offered lower-level jobs.

While nomadic freelancing allows the individual to explore the world and build impressive careers in a relatively short time, the prospects can be unpredictable if you’re not highly qualified. There’s a real risk of losing more than you gain, in all respects. You have to be emotionally strong and weigh all possibilities before venturing in. The experience could make or break you.

Quality Cities Where You Can Live For Cheap in 2017

There are many places currently around the world where condo prices are skyrocketing due to varying environmental factors such as:

1. Scarcity of land in Centralized Areas

2. Booming populations wanting to move closer to work spaces where residential space is limited

This has caused an issue particularly in economic powerhouse cities such as Tokyo, San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong, where young people cannot afford to live anymore.

Landlords are regularly increasing rent prices due to demand, knowing that the highest bidder will get their lot. Moreover, young adults (and even older) looking for a space close to their college/university, or work, are unable to afford the prices and in turn have to live much further out and inconvenience themselves to commute daily to their destination.

So, there are more and more people looking for cheaper places to live that still have a greater quality of life, what would some of those be?

1. Southeast asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Singapore

Believe it or not, these areas have been increasing in quality of life due to tourism (particularly in Thailand and Malaysia) helping develop their local economies and thereby growing. You can find beautiful lofts for dirt cheap simply because of the power of their dollar, pr invest in businesses (having connections in this matter helps). Many young expats are moving to these countries for work and to live a luxurious lifestyle which they could not otherwise afford in their own countries.

2. Tech cities and countries

Estonia, Austin Texas, San Diego, are fast becoming some of the leading tech hubs around the world. The new silicon valleys are popping up in these places, rent is much cheaper and the standard of living is still extremely high. These are great places for young people to move.

How To Choose Between Different Interior Designers

It doesn’t take any special skills to select the best interior designer for a new home and office. However, you might need to take some important factors into consideration to be able to make a perfect selection. Given below are some tips that will help you to choose the best interior designer for your home or office.

Tips to Select the Best Interior Designers

Referral Services

For finding a new and experienced interior designer, using the referral service is a good method. When you search the internet for referral service, you will get several sites with the database of experienced interior designers which you can quickly browse through their profile.

Discuss with a Friend

When looking for a good interior designer, one of the important steps is to consult a friend who has just done his house interiors. What it will do is, yield you the best and likely results. At times you could be the fraudulent negotiation without notice, but you will easily get the fact when you consult a known friend. Taste. The reason why you’re hiring interior designers is that you want your home to look good. Make sure that the people you get have the same tastes as you have when it comes to interior design. Otherwise, you might end up with decors that don’t go well with you.

Speak with Decorators

Another good strategy to opt for a good interior designer. You certainly stand a great chance of finding the appropriate individual for the job by visiting and interacting with the local decorator.

Get to Know the Designer’s Profile

Yes! Viewing the artist’s profile is necessary. It’s because the thing that you see at this stage will, in fact, serve as an eye opener whether to award the contract to such individual or not.

Check Designer’s Earlier Work
It’s an understood rule that an expert designer needs to have a gallery of earlier work. Here you can have a look at all the work that has been executed by that particular designer, and you can decide on the design that you’d like to choose for your house.


It’s important to consider your budget for the work and then compare it to the price of each designer.

Interior Re-arrangers

You need to locate a designer who has expertise in one day home makeovers. Doing so will make your work easier and give you more options to look. You can also interview him to ensure that the designer has experience in designing the project you require. The artist needs to be an effective communicator and someone who listens to your needs as well as concerns. You must look at his portfolio to see if his work demonstrates the talent and creativity that you’re looking for in a decorator.

Look for Qualified Designer

Consider hiring an interior designer who is formally educated in interior design and is certified by Society of Interior Designers. While several best interior decorators have many years of experience in decorating, there’s no professional certification as such for them. Unlike the decorators, interior designers have received formal training on how to read blueprints and are knowledgeable about the structures.

Are We Safe With an Uncensored Internet?

Censorship has never been a popular concept. People hear the word and begin fearing the worst-case scenario, tyranny. However, these days, with the internet making everyone’s interactions easier, we need to look a bit closer at the notion to see if maybe it isn’t the evil everyone sees it to be.

Freedom vs Harm

We can all agree that we have certain freedoms that protect us from dictatorship. The problem arises when those freedoms begin to infringe on the freedom of others. Such as, when the things that people can say take away someone else’s freedom? Hate rhetoric, cyber bullying, etc. are easy to say in a medium where direct contact isn’t required.

There are exceptions to this anonymity rule. Social websites such as Facebook, take away some of the obscurity as your comments are seen by friends and family. This offers a bit of accountability, however if the statements that you make are also acceptable to your contacts then this gives very little regulation.

Keep the Innocent Safe

Children are our most innocent citizens and our most vulnerable. Predators can target our children with an anonymity that they’ve never had before. Technology has worked very hard to come up with software that can help families keep track of what their children are seeing on the internet. Yet even with all the special censorship software you can buy it still isn’t 100% safe.

Some Knowledge is Dangerous

The internet is known for its abundance of knowledge. If you want to learn how to build a deck, roast a chicken or how to get to your local grocery store this is the place to be. However, it is also the place people can go to learn to build bombs, create poisonous gas and commit the perfect crime. Yet who decides where the line is drawn? There is some information that is easy to see is dangerous but when the lines blur it may not be so easy.

Is Censorship Even Necessary

We are told that if we see something that we don’t like or that offends us we can choose not to look. That’s the wonderful thing about the internet, if you don’t like a website or post online you can move on to another.
If enough people pass it by then the website would become obsolete and irrelevant. This is, in essence, the people policing the internet themselves. Taking out the big brother aspect of it and letting the world know their displeasure with avoidance.

Who’s watching the Watchers

It’s very easy to look at all of this and start waving the flag of censorship as our savior but that has flaws as well. If we don’t have checks and balances then it would be very easy for the censorship that is supposed to protect us from evil to become an evil in its own right.

There would need to be a middle ground for this to keep the balance between policing and tyranny. This would take considerable amounts of time and money to set up and maintain. Would it be privatized or handled by the government? This option is not as cut and dry as it would seem.

It’s hard to hear censorship without feeling a deep-seated instinct to fight it. But there needs to be boundaries to ensure that one person’s freedom doesn’t become another person’s nightmare.

Furniture Suggestions For A Contemporary Looking House In 2017

If you are thinking about getting a piece of furniture today, you are in the right place at the right time. You need to know what to look for when it comes to purchasing an amazing furniture these days. So read on if you need to find out even more about it.
Floor Plan

You need to create a floor plan as soon as possible, and you can do this by sketching it out on any plain printer paper or notebook paper out there. Sketch out some ways that your furniture will fit into a particular space in a room, as this will allow you to get more room to maneuver over time. But you need to take measurements first. Measuring the width and length of your room is easy when you use a tap measure, meter stick, or yardstick. Account for the important dimensions of any recessed space or alcove out there.

You have to check the doorways as soon as possible too. Measuring how wide a doorway is will allow you to get any furniture into your home with peace of mind, as you will know that the item will enter quickly and easily. You must also stage your living room as soon as possible. Getting a better visual about the places where you will put the furniture is important. You can even use sheets of paper or a tape for this. You need to think about how a particular room will be used.

Starting with the Basics

You need to take a close look at the basics of any living room out such as side tablets and armchairs. But you can also include ottomans and other things over time too. Buying investment pieces of for your room is always a good idea. Use slid furniture with sinuous steel springs and sturdy wood frames. Don’t think that a high-quality piece is too expensive, as they tend to last longer and hold up better over time. The fabrics of the furniture must be both stain-resistant and high-quality fabrics. Luxurious materials tend to last longer than cheap ones.

Wrapped Foam

Your cushions should be made of the famously wrapped foam, as this substance is both durable and comfortable. You might also want to fill the cushions with down, but they might just break or wear quickly. So you need to avoid this from happening at all cost over time too. Testing the strength of the piece of furniture`s frame is also a great idea, and you need to coordinate all the pieces as soon as you can too. Remember that each piece of your furniture must complement each other. You need to think about the theme of the living room.

Now that you know more about how to pick up the right piece of furniture, you need to take action. Remember also that choosing the right materials will allow you to get the most bang for the buck these days too. So you need to think about the basics, and then you can move on so you can get what you want quicker than you have though possible too.

Looking into the latest trends in interior home decoration in 2017

Interior decoration has been one of the most lucrative options in designing the internal portion of the house. There are several professionals who have taken this up as their career and have excelled in it. They always come up with new ideas that have been instrumental in enhancing the look of the house. The latest trend in the interior designing area for the year 2017 will include:

Bright Green color

Bright green color has been considered as one of the cheeriest colors for home decoration in 2017. The color green represents revitalization and refreshment. The color comes in different shades- from emerald to lime green, which is absolutely befitting for all the aspects of the house. One can use these colors for the wall as well as a rug which fills the room. The idea might be new and people might be introspective regarding its usage- it is better to use emerald colored glasses on a white background which will give an idea of how the room will look.

Tropical Print Design

This particular design has been one of the most sought for by several eminent companies. The print normally comes in wallpapers and fabrics. The trendy print can be associated with plain-colored furniture and sofas which will give the room a refreshing look.

Butterfly design

This happy, buoyant design has been one of the most attractive trends in interior decoration in 2017. Previously, it was considered to be associated with a child’s room; however, it has now been accepted for all kinds of rooms in the house. As a symbol of optimism and grace, this particular design comes with the most sophisticated look for any room.

Mixed Pattern

First unveiled to the general audience at the New York Fashion week in fall 2016, this particular design is unique in its concept since it blends the intricate aspects of several designs into one. The design will be filled with mismatched patterns which will bid adieu to the idea of a definite pattern as observed by several pattern lovers till date. The look that it generates for the room is enticing and is readily acceptable by all people.

Faux Finish

This particular alternative to traditional decorations is budget friendly which will cause many heads to turn towards them. There are added advantages of it. For example, faux wood does not bend or rot like real wood. The faux options that can be included for rooms will include faux leather counters, manufactured gray floors and faux foliage.

Texture finish

People must have got bored looking at flat single-colored finishes and they will certainly try to choose something more novel. Texture finishes is a lucrative alternative for room decoration. There are several kinds of texture finishes- from fabrics and wallpapers to light fixtures or brass tables with a brushed appearance. One can complement the design with their choice of furniture that will further enhance the look of the room.

This is the list of the latest trends in interior home decoration in 2017. There are other designs like muted colors, a combination of marble and brass, use of geometrics etc. which are surely going to make up to the list. This list will enable the person to take an intelligent choice regarding the best decoration for their house.