Most Valuable Home Renovations In 2016

In this challenging era, people are aggressively looks for real estate property to invest and to spend for future. This is the best time for real estate developer to steal the attention of customers to purchase their properties. Real estate properties include land and house. For house property, it is expected that in another 5 years the value will increased by 30 percent. For smart customers, they will purchase a house from now as property since the value at current stage is still affordable. However, what can we do to boost the value of our house after purchasing directly a house from developer? Home renovations are the most significant way to increase the value of your house.

What are the most valuable home renovations you can do to your house? Here we have some tips for you. First, if you have a house which has old design of furniture, replace them with a new one. For example, you may replace your doors, windows, and siding with a new one. This is more cost efficient compared to adding new elements into your house. Adding more elements to your house such as walls or racks could cost you up $100,000. If you replace your old items, it only cost you up to $10,000. Try to do renovations within envelope of your house without adding more spaces which is much cheaper. If you have wide yard area, add swimming pools or landscape to give more beauty look onto it. In certain United State area, adding swimming pool could boost up your home value. In overall, expert has revealed factors that are beneficial and bring disadvantage to you in terms of home makeover:

High percentage return of interest:

– Entry door replacement – 96 percent

– Deck addition – 87 percent

– Garage door replacement – 83 percent

– Minor Kitchen Remodel – 82 percent

Low percentage return of interest:

– Home office remodel – 48.9 percent

– Bathroom addition – 60 percent

– Master suite addition – 67 percent

If you plan to renovate on the high percentage return of interest, then you have select a smart choice.

Next, if you want to add decoration element to your house, you may paint the wall. The new painted wall could bring new character to your house as if you have bought a new house. The amount you need to spend on painting the wall is very little, but the value of the house could increase quite much since it attracts better attention. For old houses, the energy consumption is bit higher since it applied old circuit. With recent design of energy circuit which applies energy saving, this could help on adding some values to your house. House with expensive bills won’t bring so much benefit to you. Hence, focus on this matter and meet an expert to advice on types of energy circuit suitable for your house. Finally, if you are financially stable and plan for good design of house, you can get advice from interior design to make over your house into modern design.