Facts About Celebrity Homes

Interest for a lot of television and big screen personalities does not only surface on-screen but off-screen as well, and it is the latter that is prevalent. Most of us get curious of what a celebrity’s life is when he has time off the limelight. Then at some point most end up digging for some information about some celebrity homes.

Celebrity homes come in marvelous sizes, features and locations. These may be mansions, ranches and lavish penthouse apartments.The place you live is your sanctuary and you naturally do whatever it takes to ensure that your home reflects your nature and lifestyle and in turn offers the kind of ambience you’re comfortable with. Well, that’s exactly what celebrities do, albeit with big bucks involved. Many of them go the whole hog to create cribs that are less homes and more mansions capable of housing large parties of guests and still ensuring everyone’s privacy.

Most celebrity homes are located on estates that span many acres and include homes that take up many thousands of sqft. There are those who’ve used their money to create artistic and appealing homes but there are also those who spend millions and end up with homes that look the worse for all that investment. Naturally, we’ll focus only on the best homes.

Right at the top of the heap is Oprah Winfrey’s home which is situated in Santa Barbara, measures over 23,000 sqft and sits on a 42-acre estate. The house contains 6 bedrooms, with 14 full baths, a home theater and 10 fireplaces. Oprah has named her home Oprah’s Hearst Castle and built a lake that contains several rare types of fish. She’s also the Montecito sandstone bricks that are famous in the region to get a 0.25 mile driveway laid.

Let’s now jump to Vancouver, Canada and Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell’s home for a short time. The couple who moved here to be able to cheer their son on in his fledgling hockey career bought this Tudor style home with five bedrooms, a theater room and a gym, apart from an entrance that contains a kitchen, a couple of dens, a fireplace, a secluded yard as well as a coach house. That’s not all: the house has a large sized formal living room, a dining room,a dressing room attached to the master suite as well as a marvelous conservatory. Eleven fireplaces work to keep this large home warm and welcoming.

George Clooney’s villa in Laglio, Italy is next. It’s known to be his favorite place to relax and get away from it all and has hosted several of his celebrity friends like Cathrine Zeta-Jones and her husband Michael Douglas. Clooney even got the Ocean’s Twelve’s team to film a few scenes in it. The massive villa boasts twenty five rooms, a pool outdoors and a motorcycle garage for Clooney’s toys.

The home Jerry Seinfeld purchased from Billy Joel for $32 million is also one that can’t be forgotten. Located in East Hampton, (NY), this waterfront, Tudor mansion sits on a sprawling 14 acre estate, has three buildings and has twenty four rooms in all along with eight full and five half bathrooms, pools both in and out of doors, a tennis court, a bowling alley, a gym, a music room, a guest cottage, a smoking bar and even a wine cellar. Seinfeld purchased this house from Joel in the year 2000.