Month: March 2020

The Best Home and Interior Design Shows

What Makes a House a Home?

This question is asked by first time home buyers as they go through the rigorous process of purchasing their first house. However, this question is also a common thought on many people’s minds of those who already own a house and have lived there for a long time. Different people will come up with their unique answers to this question but all of these beliefs come down to what these people want their house to look like. Whether they want their house to reflect the warmth of a rustic farmhouse or compete against the trendiest, modern apartments of a big city, everyone wants their home to reflect their aesthetic preferences. This can often be done through a home renovation, particularly in the area of interior design which makes home renovation and interior design television shows a huge hit. Not only do these shows send their viewers into a stage of awe at looking at these gorgeous homes, but they also provide useful tricks and interesting ideas on how viewers can turn their house into a dream home. Here are some of the best home and interior design shows to watch.

Love It or List It

This popular television series stars Hillary Far, a talented interior designer, and David Visentin, a skillful real estate dealer. In this series, Hillary and David battle each other when a client has a tough time deciding on whether to stay in their current home or move into a new one. As David tries to persuade the client to move out by showing them other houses that might suit them better, Hillary pulls out all the tricks to renovate the client’s current home so that they fall in love with it all over again. Hillary‚Äôs designs are captivating as she has won numerous episodes where clients reject moving out to stay in their first home after it has been reinvented by Hillary. Viewers of Love it or List it love that each episode of the series features Hillary having to redesign houses in different styles on a variety of budgets.

Property Brothers

The twin brothers known as Drew Scott and Johnathan Scott have been in the business of renovating homes for a long time. Drew and Scott have had multiple series based on the concept of renovating homes. Such series include the original Property Brothers, their head to head challenge series called Brother vs Brother, a series on finding new life in already existing homes called Forever Home, and even a documentary on how they renovated their own home called Brothers at Home. With so many fantastic projects accomplished, the Scott brothers show viewers at home that their dream house can become a reality.

Tiny House Nation

A huge trend in today’s housing market is downsizing. Downsizing is when people have to purchase a smaller living situation than they currently are used to living in. This can often be the case for first time home buyers as they have to move out of their family home or for people who have to move into a more urban and densely populated area. Due to this, the television series Tiny House Nation is quite popular. Tiny House Nation is a home renovation series that stars John Weiserbarth and Zack Griffin. Throughout the series, this home renovating duo are contacted by clients who choose to live in extremely small circumstances. Although many people are not in the circumstance of having to live in places as small as those featured on the series, the ideas that John and Zach bring to the table on how to get the most out of a small space is revolutionary and very helpful as the trend of living in smaller houses are on the rise.