Month: July 2018

Different types of modern architecture in the world

Modern architecture has evolved a lot in the 21st century. It left behind 20th century’s boring standards to come with bolder design approaches and futuristic features applied in the fanciest ways to the new-style buildings. Modern trends are oriented towards bringing in more functionality and a minimalist comfort, embed advanced technology and, of course, surprise with an eye-catchy exterior that sparks interest with its unique shapes and eccentric color patterns. Here are some modern buildings designs around the world that give birth to new and innovative visions of architecture.

1. Tiny houses. Given the increasing rate of development and booming urbanization, the value of space in a growing city is very high. To make use as much as possible of territory, more and more small houses are built in the heart of major cities. Japanese architects design extremely narrow, living buildings that are very spacious given the fact that are fairly taller than other ordinary houses, having 3 compact floors. Such residence buildings that luck in width are increasingly met in such megapolis areas as: Seoul, Toronto, London and Hong Kong.

2. Houses with glass facade. Wide windows are hard to avoid when speaking of modern architecture. Buildings with sheer glass in their facade are meant to let in more light and open up to wonderful city views or to evergreen backyard. Such living boxes where an entire wall is replaced with a huge piece of glass features a harmony with the outdoor environment, but also keeps privacy in the limits of common sense. There are large blinds and stylish curtains that hide the living space in case of necessity. Perfect merging of concrete walls with glass creates great contrast in edging lines and an outstanding shape design. Such telling facades are met in Portugal, Spain and New Zealand.

3. In love with nature. The feature of complete glass facade is successfully applied in resort houses built far away from noisy cities, to provide a constant connection with natural landscapes. Norway leads at this point, with its mind-blowing nature, giving couples the chance to enjoy fully the outdoor beauties while spending their romantic vacation, apart from the entire world. Besides the walls, there is an increasing trend in making the ceiling of glass, too. Thus, the emotion spectrum is multiplied, having the starry sky in front of your eyes. Also, there are houses built in Norway’s wilderness, on large rocks, to allow for moss to grow abundantly on the house.

4. Futuristic designs.Futuristic buildings are widely met all over the developed world. They combine high-tech features with fancy exterior, that steal the show in a city run by classical, stuck in the past architecture. A place to witness vividly this contrast is Paris. The city enriches steadily with shining skyscrapers and futuristic buildings, which reported to the solemn, medieval constructions, creates a architecture marvel. The Foundation Louis Viutton is a modern museum that boasts billowing glass panels , covering its top in a very bizarre, yet eye-catching way. At buildings foundation, there is a mind-boggling light and mirror installation that offers impressive illumination during night. The city philharmonic is also a futuristic landmark of Paris. The exterior is covered with thousands of lustrous aluminium tiles, while the concert hall is fitted with modern, undulated balconies.