Month: March 2017

Looking into the latest trends in interior home decoration in 2017

Interior decoration has been one of the most lucrative options in designing the internal portion of the house. There are several professionals who have taken this up as their career and have excelled in it. They always come up with new ideas that have been instrumental in enhancing the look of the house. The latest trend in the interior designing area for the year 2017 will include:

Bright Green color

Bright green color has been considered as one of the cheeriest colors for home decoration in 2017. The color green represents revitalization and refreshment. The color comes in different shades- from emerald to lime green, which is absolutely befitting for all the aspects of the house. One can use these colors for the wall as well as a rug which fills the room. The idea might be new and people might be introspective regarding its usage- it is better to use emerald colored glasses on a white background which will give an idea of how the room will look.

Tropical Print Design

This particular design has been one of the most sought for by several eminent companies. The print normally comes in wallpapers and fabrics. The trendy print can be associated with plain-colored furniture and sofas which will give the room a refreshing look.

Butterfly design

This happy, buoyant design has been one of the most attractive trends in interior decoration in 2017. Previously, it was considered to be associated with a child’s room; however, it has now been accepted for all kinds of rooms in the house. As a symbol of optimism and grace, this particular design comes with the most sophisticated look for any room.

Mixed Pattern

First unveiled to the general audience at the New York Fashion week in fall 2016, this particular design is unique in its concept since it blends the intricate aspects of several designs into one. The design will be filled with mismatched patterns which will bid adieu to the idea of a definite pattern as observed by several pattern lovers till date. The look that it generates for the room is enticing and is readily acceptable by all people.

Faux Finish

This particular alternative to traditional decorations is budget friendly which will cause many heads to turn towards them. There are added advantages of it. For example, faux wood does not bend or rot like real wood. The faux options that can be included for rooms will include faux leather counters, manufactured gray floors and faux foliage.

Texture finish

People must have got bored looking at flat single-colored finishes and they will certainly try to choose something more novel. Texture finishes is a lucrative alternative for room decoration. There are several kinds of texture finishes- from fabrics and wallpapers to light fixtures or brass tables with a brushed appearance. One can complement the design with their choice of furniture that will further enhance the look of the room.

This is the list of the latest trends in interior home decoration in 2017. There are other designs like muted colors, a combination of marble and brass, use of geometrics etc. which are surely going to make up to the list. This list will enable the person to take an intelligent choice regarding the best decoration for their house.